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Hello everyone Guys, but tell me one thing, what place would you like to visit in the near future? I would pack my things right now to visit this place. Mayan ruins, Mexico Date: Dec 13th @ 1:06am EST
In Mexico, you can find many archaeological finds associated with the Mayan civilization, but it is especially interesting to see the ruins of ancient temples. However, to see at least some of them, you will have to travel a lot. The most popular places Becan in the state of Campeche, Bonampak in Chiapas, Chacchoben in the state of Quintana Roo and especially of Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula.
This place, as if copied from a wondrous tale. It would be my great pleasure to spend my weekend there. Northern Lights, Iceland Date: Dec 12th @ 1:28am EST
Aurora borealis is an amazing natural phenomenon: for you to see it on Earth, an explosion must occur on the Sun. Iceland is a great place to see the northern lights, but not the only one. In some regions of Russia, you can also admire this phenomenon.
Hey guys, I found one wonderful place here, it seems to me that I have a new dream! Poseidon undersea Resort, Fiji Date: Dec 10th @ 1:47am EST
The hotel is located directly under the sea, at a depth of about 13 meters, in the very center of the lagoon. Each room is a separate sealed capsule with an open view of the underwater world. The hotel is expensive, but guests are served at the highest level: there is a bar, restaurant, gym and even a church for those who want to play an unusual wedding.
motivation Date: Dec 9th @ 3:42am EST
I would like to motivate you a little in achieving the goals that you set for you. it’s very important not to talk about what you want, but to do more for this
it is your life and you deserve more. friends, let's do it together now!
Colombia Date: Dec 8th @ 2:49am EST
wow, my trip will probably be repeated soon, but in a different country.
There is a certainty that soon I will visit Colombia.
it's damn great
I'll tell you the details later
Do not be sad! Date: Dec 6th @ 11:28pm EST
Let the best mood quietly sneak up on you, unexpectedly and treacherously capture you, insidiously blind you with a stunning smile, boldly knock you down with loud, playful laughter and conquer forever with an unprecedented furious fun!
Happy Date: Dec 5th @ 7:17pm EST
Jogging Date: Dec 4th @ 9:30pm EST
Serious dietary restrictions are not mineðŸ™...🏼‍â™,️ I am for sports and any physical activityðŸ'ªðŸ»
Jogging is a separate type of pleasure, memories from youth, from the time of athletics. But the main thing is to monitor the performance at any loadâ--️
Sleep Date: Dec 3rd @ 9:00pm EST
The wind howls outside the window, cries over the mur dered shaman, the frozen river slowly curls under the wing of the plane.
For more than a week we have been touring the Far East. Jetlag has entered a stable phase. I live no longer in Moscow time, nor in local. Chopping somewhere around eleven in the morning, at night more than a couple of hours rarely get sleep. I am writing this post, it is now home at 5 am and I have a slightly heavy head, like after a short day's sleep.
I have three different sleep patterns.
All three work great.
First one:
This method of emergency falling asleep when you urgently need to fall asleep, perhaps even on an airplane or bus, when you only sleep for a few hours, and your strength runs out. The plan is simple, and therefore good. You just have to count from twenty to one. Reversed. Checked - works.
The second way:
I am lying with my eyes closed, and I imagine that the bed is somewhere in a place familiar from ch11ldhood. And I begin to imagine things in the room. I’m on Rustaveli, I’m eleven, I’m with my grandmother, a lonely tamvai is ringing outside, a red sun through the curtains, a Zhdanov cabinet, a folding sofa, an old shabby suitcase with toys under the sofa, there is a train with plastic passengers, there are ch111ldren’s books in the closet on the bottom shelf. About Wiki-Wakey-Wokey. Wiki-Wakey-Wokey Mouse, built a house for yourself. Wiki-Wakey-Woki-cat, lies and strokes his stomach. And the cat knows what he is singing about. Wiki Wakey Woki Cat.
The third method is the longest playing. Now you will read it and many will want to call me an ambulance, but there is as it is, I am always honest with you:
I lie and imagine what I would do if I were the mayor of St. Petersburg. Or the governor, I don’t remember how right now. This happens something like this: the last thing I planned, wallowing in the Krasnoyarsk marriott, is the transfer of the monument to Alexander III back to Uprising Square. All the buildings in the square would immediately grow up. They ceased to look tiny, next to the stele, which now stands there. She is not there in style, not in content. But the stele cannot be removed just like that, it is a memory for veterans, so I would have dragged it to the place of the Botkin hospital, which was almost resettled.
Would make a park there. I would call it beautiful so that the stela takes root. Maybe the blockade museum at the same time moved there. In short plans are huge. Somewhere on the issues of the pension fund and health care I am guaranteed to fall asleep.
And on the phone I put the sound of a ticking clock, it also lulls perfectly.
Orange tree Date: Dec 2nd @ 11:48pm EST
Mr. Liu from Shaanxi served as the head of Xinghua Province. Some Taoist appeared to him and presented him with a tree in a pot, Liu glanced - it turns out that this is a small orange, thin, with the size of a finger. Rejected, not accepted.
Liu had a little daughter, who was six or seven years old. It was on this day that her birthday was celebrated for the first time.
“This thing,” said the Taoist, “is not worthy to bring it to your high ranking for pure admiration.” Let her wish the young lady happiness and longevity!
And Liu accepted. The girl looked at the tree and could not overcome her love and pity for him. I put it in my room and looked after him from morning to evening, fearing only how not to damage him.
When Liu's life was up, the tree was in full f1st and this year for the first time bore fruit. Selecting things before leaving, he decided that the orange would burden him with unnecessary weight, and decided to leave him. But the daughter grabbed the tree and began to cry whimsically. The domestic servant cheated on her and said:
- We’ll leave only for a while ... Then we’ll come here again!
The girl believed, and her tears ceased. However, fearing that some of the strong people would take the tree away, she stood and watched as the servant transplanted the tree to the porch. And then she just left.
Returning to her homeland, the girl was caught up by a certain Zhuang. In the year of Bin and Xu, Zhuang went to the “coming to service”, removed, as they say, canvases, and was appointed chief of Xinghua. His wife was very happy about this, although she thought to herself that in these ten, or even more years, the tree has probably already died.
When they arrived, it turned out that the tree was already grasping at ten, and the fruits on it were so piled and hanging, in whole thousands.
Madame inquired of the old servants. Those unanimously testified to her that since Mr. Liu had left, the orange blossomed luxuriously, but did not bear fruit, and those that she sees now appeared on it for the first time. Madam it was very surprised.
Zhuang served for three years, and the abundance of fruits was a constant occurrence. In the fourth year, the tree faded, went dead, did not give the slightest bloom.
“Well, it means that you have not served here for long,” the mistress told her husband.
Indeed, with the onset of autumn, Zhuang passed the post.
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