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Would you guys like a Cup of hot coffee here? Mount Fujiyama, Japan Date: Dec 1st @ 1:46am EST
Fujiyama is a volcano that has not erupted since the eighteenth century. The snow-covered peak of Fujiyama is visible from Tokyo, which is 100 kilometers away. In July and August, when the snow comes off, the mountain is open to the public, and dozens of people make the ascent of 3,800 meters. Fujiyama is a source of inspiration for many artists, musicians, writers of ancient and modern times. When referring to Fuji, the Japanese add the word "San" - Fuji-San - in homage to this highest mountain in Japan.
Sport - life Date: Nov 30th @ 4:25am EST
The most valuable thing that sports gives is the opportunity to check what you are capable of.
And it is true!
Sometimes I wonder how many people will appear to achieve the goal
Would you risk swimming with me in this place? Jacob's Well, Texas Date: Nov 28th @ 9:43pm EST
Jacob's well is a natural well with underwater caves that attract divers from all over the world. Scuba divers are not deterred even by the fact that this is not the safest place to dive. As, however, and the tourists attracted by pure artesian water and legends.
Guys, after I visited Bali, I discovered an uncontrollable desire to travel as much as possible. I'm already picking my spot for next time. What do you think of tianzi Mountain, China ? Date: Nov 27th @ 12:08am EST
Tianzi mountain is one of the four most famous scenic areas of The wulingyuan reserve. Tian Tzu peak is located in the middle of the "Golden triangle" at an altitude of 1,260 meters. It is a place of beautiful waterfalls, mysterious caves, picturesque forests and rich wildlife. For those who are afraid to make their own way through the woods, there are cable cars. They can be quickly climbed to the top of the mountain.
your points important for me Date: Nov 26th @ 1:00am EST
friends, you help me very well, but today is a special day you're going to do it and do it right,
vote for me please! multiple day 4x for Flirt Year contest
yeah Date: Nov 25th @ 2:02am EST
how it going ,last week was pretty hard ,course can so faster after vacation back to my work routine as before,but now I feel better ,and ready for new week ,and especially for Tuesday it will be multiple day 4x for Flirt Year contest ,and all tips which I get in that day be multiple4X times and give me more points ,thereby I can take higher positions in the contest
Be realistic. Date: Nov 23rd @ 5:09pm EST
The chance that you will succeed the first time is minimal. It takes time, and sometimes a lot of time, to learn something. Allow yourself to be mistaken, because only then you will understand how to do the right thing.
yay Date: Nov 23rd @ 12:35am EST
i soon planning to do uploading more and more making my fatty belly look better and shreded haha
By the way, you can see the published materials from my trip to Bali on my page here
soon many interesting content is coming !
Im back Date: Nov 21st @ 11:21pm EST
Hi guys! I have recently returned from Bali, the F4F Summit. Itâs still hard for me to get involved in the workflow due to the change of time zones. I constantly want to sleep. But I am slowly returning to normal! :)
About my Twitter Date: Nov 21st @ 2:18am EST
I have great news for you. Now i have twitter. And this means that you can see me more often and more besides onlanai.
I will lead it and in it you will learn more about me.
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